There’s a party in my head and no one is invited


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I is for now. Good luck BB. Thou shalt kick ass on last exam.




AAHAHHAHAH bring on the celebrations

Bab predicted and BOOM! It happened. I take all the credit for your success. But I’ll send you a SQUISHYBABHUG for your effort :D 

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rene magritte, la reproduction interdite, 1937


rene magritte, la reproduction interdite, 1937

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I live on the frozen surface of a fireball.

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You in Australia or Waderaistan?

omg are you back?

hint:answer is yes

i have the final exam tomorra my gosh party time,stilll in waderistan!

I is for now.

Good luck BB. Thou shalt kick ass on last exam. 

There are clauses you might not be aware of, that your moulvi would be tempted to cross out because he deems them irrelevant or contrary to tradition. But take note that they are provided by the law and designed to give you certain marital rights. No matter how strong an understanding there is between the couple and their families before marriage, the straightforward, business-like nikahnama preempts possible future misunderstandings and ensures a degree of constancy in an otherwise emotional affair. If relations get messy, that piece of paper will be one of the most important documents that the embittered couple submit to court.

For Muslim women: What you need to know about when you’re signing your nikahnama. This piece of paper provides you your rights. Read it carefully.

I’m glad someone published this given it’s great importance. That said, not all moulvi’s/religious figures are like that. My cousin’s moulvi made sure she read all clauses and was comfortable with them before she signed the papers. If you’re tying the knot, make sure that you go through the nikahnama thoroughly. Your marital rights are fully mentioned in the nikahnama. Don’t forget to read them during the celebrations.

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I remember my cousin telling me that her own sister was scandalised when she asked to read her nikahnama before signing it. 

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